Here is my latest Press Release for the Cookery school in Burgundy

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Here is my latest Press Release for the Cookery school in Burgundy – la ferme de la lochere

Check out my Living France feature in the February 2014 edition

It’s a beautiful piece and I am absolutely thrilled with the 6 page feature in Living France.

Katherine Frelon happy in the kitchen

Nothing makes Katherine Frleon happier than whipping up a feast in her kitchen



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Unwrapping the camembert

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Unwrapping the camembert from it’s wax paper I could tell it was moments away from perfection.
Timing was of the essence!

A few hours in a warm kitchen a small slice removed to start the process and Voila!
Pass the bread and pour the wine












Yo, Yo, Yo, It’s time to start cooking!

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Finallly the day is upon me!
I start shooting photo’s for my 1st official cookbook, so if any of you have a favorite just let me know and I’ll try and include it wherever possible.
It’s going to be a pretty busy week with well over 60/100 recipes being created.
Then all I have to do is find somewhere or someone to eat them! mmmmm I wonder if I’ll have any takers?
Keep you posted on event!

Extreme cooking for extreme sportsmen!

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This week was a marathon, well maybe not exactly but all the guests had either done one or a triathlon or two, so I was kept on my toes as their boundless energy shaped the week.

Full of enthusiasm and ‘let’s do it’ they mastered the art of a perfect Gougere, beat Frederique the Boulanger at Croissant making and created four different types of sausages, Toulose, Mergeuz, Smoked and Boudin Blanc, only breaking for the occasional challenge of 30 or so pushups!

They still found time for some running in the chilly crisp air of Winter and long hours huddled in the Cellars with Brendan Moore tasting over 22 wines in 1 cellar alone! They must have created a good impression as one producer even offered them a magnum of her finest Chablis! Delicious!

They were a great group and I’m going to miss them!

Spring at ‘la ferme de la lochere’ – French Charcuterie ‘All you need to know’

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After one of the mildest winters in the 20 years I’ve lived in France, with only a few days of -15°C the sun shines, the trees are in bud, the cows in the field opposite the house are still escaping and my daughter skips to school with factor 30 on her nose!

Having the early spring sun on your back whilst pruning the fruit trees, wysteria and vines really adds to the feel good factor about our new 2012 season at ‘la ferme de la lochere’

The development of this website has been my winter project and there are LOTS of amazing photos, with kind permission of all my guests, food writers as well as my own.
Redone by my good-self and a very handy webmaster who has the patience of a Saint,  you will now be able to see all our new itineraries, blogs, press releases, articles, my DVD on YouTube – No comments about my acting ability please!


You can follow me on twitter but I am a little new with that so bare with me and I have an RSS feed so if you can figure it out why not keep in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


For past, present and future UK guests you will no doubt have watched ‘the hungry chef’ on BBC1 with Raymond Blanc the Michelin starred Chef of ‘Le Manoir de Quatres Saison’ – Raymond has been one of the major influences in my style and ethos of why and how I cook. It was such a treat to see him in Burgundy, visiting the towns and vineyards that you will discover when you stay with us, eating at the 3*Michelin Bernard Loiseau with a private tour of the kitchens is a real attraction as is our hands on cooking lesson in the1*Michelin ‘Le Charlemagne’ nestled in the hillside of Pernard Vergelesses.


Take a moment to check out our latest itineraries
The first one is  a ‘back to basics’ itinerary that focuses on the heart of the terroir, foraging for truffles and other wild mushrooms, visiting the local  markets and cheese farm, experiencing an amazing lunch in the local village of Flavigny sur Ozerain where the film ‘chocolat ‘ was made, at ‘la Grange’ run by all the farmers wives. We’ll also be cooking local dishes and drinking local wines.
The second one is  ‘French Charcuterie – All you need to know!’ I am thrilled about this one in particular, a whole pig and what to do with it from beginning to end, so exciting.


Of course the visit into the Vineyards with our wine expert Brendan Moore is one of the highlights. Brendan’s knowledge and enthusiasm is extensive and last year’s guests were privy to private wine tastings in the cellars of some distinguished producers. Happy with the harvest safely in they took time to reminisce, telling tales of disaster and joy from harvests past whilst cracking open yet another vintage which made the wine tours extra special.



A recent trip to the USA where I had the great pleasure of attending a convention for gourmet food, wine and travel writers in Las Vegas, followed by several private dinner parties for clients in Beverly Hills (where I recently donated a place in Burgundy at the Grammy’s silent auction this February) finishing off in San Francisco with 2 of my most favourite clients, has generated huge traffic on the websire and together with high profile press visits in 2011 we are looking at a busy 2012.

If you’re feeling as inspired and positive for the 2012 sesaon why not come and join us at ‘la ferme de la lochere’

A très bientôt   Katherine





la ferme de la lochere provokes huge interest in Vegas!

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Well, after a 24hr trip to Vegas it was worth it!

The International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association really have made it special. The Suites at the Palazzo are very comfortable, the Staff so nice and nothing is too much trouble.

Everything here is so shiny! The cars, the buildings, the very long legs, hair and nails or all the girls, quite amazing!
Meeting all the other members last night was really inspiring and today is going to be just as interesting. Lots of things are planned the schedule is looking very busy.
Lots of speakers from photo journalists, writers of phone apps and then meeting lots of Chefs who will be holding demo’s and discussing the reasons why they cook and what’s inspiring them.

Last night the organises, top writers and I attended the Blue Man Show, which was spectacular, but how small the world is. We met the show members afterwards and one of the drummers is starting a Winery in South Carolina in a few weeks after 12 years in the Blue Man Show, SO this is networking!

The Palazzo Hotel is hosting Breakfast this morning, I’d better get my skates on!

Off to Vegas!

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This morning I’m off to vegas to the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association.

I met 3 of the most inspiring journalists when they came to stay with me last October and thier invitation to join them in Vegas was a no brainer.

Full of likeminded peoiple, there will be speakers from all across the board, from journalists to the writers of the apps that we all now take for granted, to the Chefs from all over the Globe.

I’ll be staying at the Palazzo Hotel on the Las Vegas strip and it will be truly inspiring I can’t wait, so I’ll keep everyone pposted and get some photos to you soon

City Room Interview with Maralyn Hill

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Maralyn Hill writes for City Room and is sharing what motivates successful women in business.

I’m flattered to  have been asked and hope you enjoy this article!

BBC 1 Raymond Blanc hits the spot!

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The very man who inspired me to cook all those years ago made it to Burgundy last night on BBC 1’s ‘the hungry frenchman’ He was just down the road at ‘Bernard Loiseau’s’ 3* Michelin Restaurant in Saulieu.
Follow the link and watch him on BBC I player