‘wine guru’
introducing you to one of the most important people in Burgundy Brendan Moore of www.wineliasons.com
it might sound like a bit of a cult describing Brendan as a guru, but he actually does have a world wide following!!!
i guess he could be re-branded as the ‘oracle’!
the vigneron’s adore him,he has gained their respect and is an honorary member of the inner brotherhood normally reserved exclusively to traditional wine families.
basically he can join them at the local village Café and discuss the harvest, enjoy the latest bottle or two which one or other of the producers will have brought in, crack open a pot of homemade pate and a crust of bread and endure the deeply troubling trials and tribulations of the latest rugby match!
he has become one of the boys!!
well, with Brendan as your guide you get to enter that world too, minus the rugby of course!
he will take you to the producers that like nothing better then sharing their wines, talking about them, explaining the differences and sitting for ages opening bottle after bottle of some of Burgundies finest.
with any luck during the harvest you will be out in the vines in the thick of it, picking the grapes and seeing them pressed or, after the harvest when the grapes are safely in and the producers are happy and relaxed sitting contentedly on upturned wine barrels listening to harvest stories and the sound of yet another cork being pulled!