Katherine always dreamt of creating beautiful homes and inviting others to enjoy them.
having spent her childhood years on holidays in the South, absorbing the taste, smell and colours of all the produce in the markets, (but too young to enjoy the wine!), it influenced her decision to leave England at just 22, setting out on an adventure she would not come back from.
building and restoring, ‘Le Four a Pain,’ a 100 year old village bakers whetted her appetite for repeating similar projects finally come to rest in Burgundy where she had been working as a successful Chef for the American/French Barging Company.
she found, ‘La Ferme de la Lochere.’ and knew instantly this was the place she’d been waiting for.
finally she could share her passion and created ‘gourmet culinary wine adventures’
not one to rest on her laurels, she still commutes to the UK and the US as being a successful Chef she is high in demand. not forgetting that she thrives on the  buzz of being creative, meeting really interesting clients and cooking in spectacular homes! ‘….it’s very cool, this is not work it is my inspiration !’
writing is also a passion and being included in the BBC Good Food magazine and providing ‘special occasion recipes’ in the newspapers has been a great way for Katherine to share her ideas, using combinations of ingredients, styles and tastes from all over the world, creating recipes that are easy to follow and reproduce at home.
she is ‘culinary contributor’ for a very chic internet company www.bacchuslucullus.com which gives her the freedom to really get creative.
the products available on the site are sourced from around the world as are the wines the results are sublime!
here is the link taking you straight to her page http://www.bacchuslucullus.com/boutique/site/en/recettes.htm
a pioneer for all things locally and fairly sourced, Katherine created a range of ready prepared meals for her local farm shop, who have since gone on to win many awards, have been featured in Country Living Magazine and where Katherine still holds Cookery Demonstrations.
one of her greatest passions are spices and after visiting the super, super fantastic amazing spice plantations in Goa she has created her own exciting spice mixes  ‘..I am slightly obsessed I guess!!!…’
‘head chef and bottle washer, well yes, I suppose I am, but nothing would be possible if it were not for the dedicated team of friends and professionals that make my part in this such a joy!
so, click on the rest of the gang and check them out! ‘